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So I wanted to make my first official post. I am still in the process of getting my blog up and going.

With close to 0 followers on social media, and no viewers on my blog I was tempted to quit because of the lack of confidence in myself. But nothings ever worth it without the effort.

So here I am making my first post.

As autumn is coming to an end and winter is approaching, The weather is rainy and quite cold.  Which means it is the perfect time for oversized comfy sweater and a warm cup of tea.

This is going to be an introduction, To give you a inside look at what to look forward to.

As you know this is more of a fashion blog. I plan on adding a cooking and baking channel off of this one sometime in the future once I get this blog up and running. I love cooking foreign foods and coming up with my own recipes and spicing up regular everyday foods. I’d love to share those with everyone.

I enjoy doing DIY projects, doing little photo shoots and videos of my outfits of the day and makeup and so on. I thought as I looked through my folder full of these videos and pictures that I should do something, I came up with idea of a blog and a youtube channel and created a notebook and wrote down everything that came to my mind. Months later I decided it was time to get started.  But there was something missing… A name.

This was the hardest part, I wrote down everything that I wanted this blog to be about and tried putting some words together, It was hard to find a name that would sound alright as a fashion and cooking name, I thought of having a name for fashion and a similar name with a slight twist but still the same name for cooking. This made finding a name much harder. I went on to ask family and friends who are excellent at writing and have experience in this field their opinions and got feedback. After many weeks I came up with a few names that sounded alright. (Elegant Simplicities, Modish Elegance…) I went on to search if the names were taken and they were. After thinking some more I decided I wanted one word or something foreign. Weeks later I came up with the name Zuria, which has many meanings in different languages. The name was taken spelled this way, however the domain name owner was selling the name. After contacting them and thinking some more I decided 25,000 + buying my own blog was not a fair price and decided to come up with another name. I got advice from family and changed the spelling and came up with Zuriya. I wanted it to be as if it was someone’s home so I spelled it Zuriya’s, as in Zuriya’s house.

With my sister as my assistant I did a photo shoot for Zuriya’s on a bed next to a window with white poster board cardboard. I created my own background and set up. I used things I had at home to come up with pictures that looked professional. I then downloaded Photoshop. The idea was to edit my photos and make them look professional. I spent hours editing photos for 2 days.  On the third day I had enough. I said I am not a professional. I decided to leave my photos as they are with no editing. I am not a professional and do not have to make myself look something I am not.

I then created my blog through wordpress. I designed my website added pictures and created a simple logo and published it. I then create social media accounts and email. And of course my first viewers were my mother, siblings and an older woman who is a close friend.

And that’s how Zuriya’s was created.

Now to talk about the upcoming things to look forward to.

First, Preview- As you know I am starting a YouTube channel for Zuriya’s and the first thing I plan on doing is creating a 2 minute preview video to give viewers a taste of what’s to come.

Second, Different- It will not be your typical YouTube channel. I will not be in my videos; I am the owner and founder of Zuriya’s. My job is to plan out the things for my blog and channel and be the videographer and photographer. I work behind the scenes. As for who will be in pictures and videos.  Models. I don’t want people who think they have to starve or harm themselves to have the perfect image. I want confident models. Skinny, Fat, short, tall, etc. Everyone is perfect the way they are.

Third, Plans- I will give you a peak at what I have planned, After the preview we will go on to make videos, such as OOTW, TBT-Throw Back Thursdays, which means we will be doing something from the past, such as 5 Popular Trends of 2011.

Fourth, Lastly- I will not stop writing blogs after I start my channel, I will be focusing on blogs for now and my preview will be dropping soon.

Until then keep up with us.



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